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Please contact me to discuss psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy allows you to look at the origins of the personal issues that continue to negatively affect you today. In this type of therapy, we look at the influence of early childhood experiences on current life difficulties. The primary objectives are to gain insight, self-understanding, and awareness of the relationship between past and present, thereby allowing you the freedom to determine your future. Therapy can be tailored for short term or long term needs.

Types of issues addressed in weekly or bi-weekly psychotherapy:

  • relationship difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • chronic illness
  • divorce
  • employment and financial difficulties
  • depression
  • anxiety

Often the first call to a psychotherapist is the most difficult.  I am committed to providing a safe and non judgmental space where together we will be able to alleviate pain and hurt and focus on improving your quality of your life. We will move at the pace most comfortable for you. Often the first call is the most difficult, but it is the first step towards feeling better.